Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I adore sour candy

A few random thoughts.

Me. There are many parts of me that make me who I am.

First off, I adore harmony. This can be a strength and a weakness. Strength, because I confront my problem straight on, until resolved. I am not afraid to confront someone. Weakness, because I don't like to rock the boat when it seems easier to let it be.

Another part of me, is that I adore anything sour... I love shockers, and cry babies - right now. I avoid certain aisles at the grocery store to avoid the pull to the yummy shockers.

I eat, on average, one lemon a day. I love the round lemons - barely any seeds in a round lemon. I eat lemons like someone would eat an orange. I don't like oranges... Had too many bad ones when I was young.

Also, I eat jalapeƱos out of the jar. I eat a whole jar within two weeks.

I stay positive majority of the time. If there is a bump in the road, I turn the experience into a lesson for my life. I try to learn one new thing a day.

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